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Dr. ​Beth Munzel, OD, FCOVD
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Who Can Practice Vision Therapy?

Oftentimes, patients who receive a Vision Therapy Evaluation require care from a team of professionals, which may include occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, dietitians, reading specialists, speech therapists and/or audiologists, physicians, chiropractors, and others. We each play a critical role in helping improve patient performance and quality of life. While it would be wonderful if just one professional could provide all of the patient's needs, this isn't likely to be the case.  

Under Ohio Revised Code 4725.01, optometrists are uniquely qualified to evaluate the visual system and create a treatment plan to improve specific dysfunctions of the visual system, including strabismus, amblyopia, and other deficiencies in binocularity, accommodation, ocular motor function, and visual-perceptual-motor abilities. Once a treatment plan is formulated by the licensed optometrist, she may delegate implementation of the plan.  

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