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Dr. ​Beth Munzel, OD, FCOVD
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For Parents/Patients

The first step in determining if vision therapy services will be helpful for you or your child is to schedule a vision therapy evaluation.  


The vision therapy evaluation is like an exam you may have received elsewhere, except that the one you will receive will have more testing relating to how the two eyes work together—known as binocular function testing. After the initial evaluation, Dr. Munzel will discuss your needs and her findings with you. At that time, one of three things may be recommeded.


Dr. Munzel may recommend lenses or techniques that you or your child can begin using right away to help address your needs. In some cases, this may be all that is needed and vision therapy may not be necessary.


Dr. Munzel may recommend a course of vision therapy services for you or your child—based on patient symptoms, goals and her findings from the examination.  


Dr. Munzel may recommend that you or your child undergo additional diagnostic testing (visual motor, visual memory, etc.) so she can get a better understanding of your unique situation before recommending a course of vision therapy services.  


If you begin a course of vision therapy, you will have re-evaluations approximately every 8 sessions, to assess progress.


Typical vision therapy cases take 24 visits. Not all cases are typical. Some cases may take fewer or more visits.


Please call or text (513) 232-9555 today to schedule an exam.

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