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Vision Therapy Studio is proud to offer:

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High Quality Frame + Single Vision Lenses with Anti-Reflective coating
$195.00  Frame + Stock Trivex Lenses

$245.00  Frame + Custom Ground Trivex Lenses
  • American-owned company with a mission to provide the safest and most flexible frames.

  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, rubber-free, latex-free, metal-free, and able to hold prisms.

  • Flex Frames offers 16 sizes, 13 models, and 21 colors ensuring the largest selection.

  • Trivex lenses are optically superior to Polycarbonate lenses and just as safe!

The frame is comfortable and fits him well and it stays well adjusted (even when he accidentally tries to smoosh them with his hands). The quality of the lenses and anti-reflective coating is noticeably better than the polycarbonate lenses we have in other glasses. He loves them and always remembers to put them on because he finds them so helpful!

Bridget H.

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