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Success Stories

Ophtalmology Glasses

‘We are so thankful that we found you and your practice. We truly appreciate all that you’ve done for [our daughter]. To think she started off hating to read and now I have to force her to stop at night… “just one more page!”

You and your team are always so positive, kind, and knowledgeable. [She] really enjoyed her time with you all. You gave her the tools to succeed and believe in herself.’

Jennifer S.

Sarah W.

This end of treatment is bittersweet for me, because [we] have grown to love coming to your office!  You have enabled [our son] to come to a place where he feels confident in reading and encouraged to try hard things.  Kelly helped him think by asking 'why' questions and also boosted his confidence with her encouragement, besides giving him tools for good vision.  That is priceless.  He is impacted greatly.  

Lindsey A.

I was just asked by a friend to give our experience with vision therapy. I listed all the ways [my daughter] had struggled, things she disliked and abilities she lacked before meeting [Dr. Munzel]. And then I listed all the things she had learned and how deeply they have affected her development and even her personality. I cried writing it. I cried knowing that [Dr. Munzel] has completely changed our lives. And I know I sing your praises often, do my best to share the wonders of your profession but I can’t remember the last time I thanked you. From the bottom of our collective hearts: thank you. We are so grateful.

Kris S.

I am blessed to have found [Dr. Munzel]. 

[I would like for] adults who have suffered their entire life with this problem to know that there actually is help and hope - no matter what their age.

I went through my entire life with family and friends telling me "it's not noticeable" or "it's not that bad."  But, it is hard not to be self-conscious when you are trying to sit across from a client in a professional meeting and realize that your eye has moved out and they notice it. 

And, I'm so grateful for the improved vision as well.  It's been rewarding and exciting to know that I'm seeing better out of my left eye.

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