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Dr. ​Beth Munzel, OD, FCOVD
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Who Can Vision Therapy Help?

There are many vision challenges that may be solved with Optometric Vision Therapy, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Eye movement problems, like those who have tracking issues or who reread lines.

  2. Convergence Insufficiency, which is the inability to keep both eyes pointing at the same spot while reading.  

  3. Visual Perceptual challenges, like visual motor activities, laterality and directionality, visual memory and visual space analysis.

  4. Traumatic Brain Injury, including stroke, concussion and other forms of head trauma.

  5. Athletes looking to improve performance.

  6. Amblyopia, also known as "Lazy Eye".

  7. Strabismus, also known as "Crossed Eyes or Wall Eyes", even if you have already had surgery.

Many scientific studies have been conducted that validate the effectiveness of Optometric Vision Therapy.  References available upon request.

Please call or text us at 513-232-9555 for more information.

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